Climbing Accessories

Take your climbing adventure to the next level with essential rock climbing accessories designed to ensure you get the most out of your Armbury experience.

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    Climbing can help you build strength, endurance, and coordination. There are many different types of climbing, from bouldering and lead climbing to sport and tree climbing. With tons of different routes, you'll never get bored. But you will need essential tree and rock climbing accessories.


    The Best Tree and Rock Climbing Accessories 

    Whether you’re a new climber looking to buy your first-ever accessories for rock climbing or an expert arborist looking for quality tree climbing accessories, we’ve got you covered. Our climbing accessories are quality-tested and designed to perform when you need them most. 


    Chalk Pack

    One of the most essential climbing accessories is chalk because it keeps your hands dry and provides a better grip on your rock or rope. A chalk pack includes loose chalk in a resealable bag for storage. If you use loose chalk, you’ll also need a chalk bag with a clip or carabiner to attach it to your belt or harness for easy access.


    Chalk Ball

    A chalk ball is a small, porous ball filled with powdered chalk. When you rub it against your hands, the powder sticks to your skin, providing a dry grip that helps prevent slips. The powder stays inside the ball, so you don’t have to worry about making a mess. It’s one of the best tree and rock climbing accessories for any climber who wants to enjoy a clean, safe climb.


    Rope Bag

    A rope bag is an essential piece of gear because it keeps your climbing ropes organized and protected from the elements while holding your rock climbing gear or tree climbing accessories. At Armbury, our rope bag is designed with an integrated waterproof tarp to protect your rope from dirt and dust with space to carry an 80m rope comfortably.


    Rope Brush 

    By cleaning your rope after each use, you remove dirt, grit, and other debris that can accumulate on the rope over time, thus extending the life of your rope by preventing premature wear. That’s why a rope brush is one of the best tree climbing accessories to add to your collection.


    Accessories for Rock Climbing and Tree Climbing in One Place

    With the right accessories for rock climbing, you can enjoy a safe, comfortable climbing trip, whether you’re scaling rocks, ascending trees, or trying an indoor climbing gym. And at Armbury, you’ll find all the climbing gear and accessories you need.