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Like all of our climbing gear, ARMBURY rock climbing chalk bags are built for long-lasting performance. These chalk bags for climbing are made of durable fabric and fleece lining equipped with a brush holder and waist belt for optimal performance.

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    When budget-conscious climbers & arborists need today’s UIAA & CE Certified climbing gear at direct-to-consumer pricing, they shop ARMBURY. Why? Because we make it simple to find the outdoor climbing & arborist gear and equipment they trust at prices that won’t break the bank–including a selection of chalk bags climbers of all backgrounds count on for climbs of all types.

    Chalk climbing bags are an essential part of climbing; safely storing the climbing chalk your hands need to stay dry and properly grip rocks.


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    At ARMBURY, we are a tribe of climbing enthusiasts that believe everyone, regardless of age, status, or physical ability, should have the opportunity to climb. That’s why here, we make it possible to shop UIAA & CE Certified climbing chalk bags and other essential tree & rock climbing accessories at prices that make it possible to do what you love without compromise.

    For more information about our product certifications, please check out these Declarations of Conformity and other helpful Product Downloads.


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    Shop ARMBURY today to get your new go-to rock climbing chalk bags, climbing ropesrope bagsrope brushescarabiners, and other climbing gear for all of life’s great adventures!


    Chalk Bag FAQs

    What is a chalk bag used for?

    Rock climbing chalk bags are used to hold climbers’ chalk in a secure yet easily accessible spot. Chalk bags for climbing can be attached to the climber’s harness by a carabiner.


    Do you put a chalk ball in a chalk bag?

    Yes, chalk balls can be stored in your climbing chalk bag. You can also use loose chalk if you prefer. ARMBURY offers both chalk packs and chalk balls for you to choose from.


    Do you need a chalk bag for climbing?

    Using a chalk bag for climbing is a wise idea, especially for rock climbing. Chalk climbing bags are the quickest and most convenient way to access your chalk, especially when you’re in a tough situation and need all the grip support you can get.


    How much should I fill my chalk bag?

    When it comes to filling your climbing chalk bag, the consensus seems to come down to personal preference. However, we like to think more is better–fill her up! The last thing you want is to be climbing and run out of chalk.