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At ARMBURY, you will find a variety of the best locking carabiners for every situation, including twist lock carabiners, screw lock carabiners, and triple lock carabiners. All of our twist and screw lock carabiners are designed with a catch-free nose for smooth clipping and unclipping.

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    When budget-conscious climbers want today’s best locking carabiners and other climbing hardware at reasonable prices, they shop ARMBURY. Why? Because we source the same top-quality ropesquick draws, locking and non-locking carabinerssteel carabiners, and other essential climbing gear directly from the manufacturer, so climbers and climbing professionals don’t pay more than necessary for safe and reliable gear.


    What is a Locking Carabiner?

    A locking carabiner is a safe and reliable type of carabiner designed with a locking mechanism ideal for climbing situations requiring a carabiner with the most strength and security. Locking carabiners are best suited for situations where an unlocked carabiner could result in bodily injury. 

    As a UIAA and CE Certified brand, ARMBURY screw and twist lock carabiners are certified safe to use in serious climbing situations. To learn more about our product certifications, please review these Declarations of Conformity, or check out these Product Downloads for more specific product information.


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    At ARMBURY, we believe everyone who wants to climb should be able to while using gear that doesn’t sacrifice quality for affordability. Regardless of physical ability, socioeconomic status, or age, we believe in creating a space where all seasoned and aspiring climbers can achieve their goals with the safest and most reliable climbing equipment that won’t break the bank.

    If you are unsure of which locking carabiner style is right for you, please contact our knowledgeable customer service team by email (support@ARMBURY.com) or by phone (1-704-707-3037) for personalized recommendations based on the type of climbing you’ll be doing. Need to make a return or exchange? We gladly accept returns for unused, unopened products within 30 days!

    Shop ARMBURY today to find your new go-to locking carabiners and other essential climbing gear for a safe and successful climbing experience every time!


    Locking Carabiner FAQs

    What are locking carabiners for?

    Locking carabiners can be used for a variety of purposes in climbing where the strongest and most secure connection is required. Locking carabiners are a top choice for attaching yourself to an anchor, rigging, belaying, and alpine coils.


    Are auto-locking carabiners safe?

    Since auto-locking carabiners (also known as twist lock carabiners) are designed to lock themselves shut after being opened, they are a safe and recommended option for many climbing needs. Auto-locking carabiners differ from screw-lock carabiners, which require the climber to manually screw the sleeve onto the gate for a secure lock. Both are excellent options in terms of safety, and the right one for you comes down to preference.


    How much weight can a locking carabiner hold?

    The amount of weight a locking carabiner can hold depends on the locking carabiner you have. Each locking carabiner will have a maximum kilonewton (kN) rating on the carabiner to help you determine the maximum weight supported by the locking carabiner. One kilonewton is equal to 224.8 pound-force.