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Safely ascend boulders, mountains, and trees with our high-quality climbing ascenders designed to give you peace of mind knowing you’re equipped with the best gear to help you tackle any challenge.

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    If you’re serious about climbing, you need a climbing ascender to support you while scaling to new heights. Armbury is the premium choice for climbers who want the best gear to help them conquer any climb. With Armbury, you'll get outstanding performance on any terrain, plus the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're using the best climbing rope ascender and climbing hardware available.


    How Do Climbing Ascenders Work?

    Whether you are climbing or belaying another climber, an ascender for climbing is an essential piece of gear. Climbing ascenders work by locking onto the rope when weight is applied to them. This allows the climber to pull on the rope without fear of it slipping through their hands.

    At Armbury, you can find a tree climbing ascender and a rock climbing ascender for maximum safety. Each Armbury climbing rope ascender is made from the most durable materials, so you can rely on them to perform in even the most challenging conditions. They're also extremely easy to use so that you can focus on your climb, not your gear.


    Which Climbing Ascender Do You Need?

    Choosing the best ascender for climbing is essential. The Armbury Above Chest Ascender is extra durable and ideal for climbing, caving, and rescue. The Oner Ascender features a light-alloy rope clamp designed for single ropes and works great for climbing and rope access. You can also find a left and right-handed lift climbing rope ascender with an eyelet at the top for clipping a carabiner


    Find an Ascender for Climbing and More at Armbury

    Whether you’re looking for a tree climbing ascender or rock climbing ascender, we have what you need at Armbury. Plus, you can find other important climbing gear, including swivelspulleysrigging plates, and more. Shop today to get all the essential equipment you need for an enjoyable and safe climb.