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Also known as “screw links,” quick links for climbing provide additional security and temporary placement in certain situations, like rope access, industrial safety, rescue, and at-height jobs, like tree work.

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    When budget-conscious climbers & arborists need today’s best quality ropes and climbing hardware, they turn to Armbuy. Why? Because here, we offer the UIAA & CE Certified carabinersascendersarborist & climbing pulleysrigging plates, and climbing quick links necessary for safe and efficient climbing–all without breaking the bank.


    Armbury 8 & 10MM Quick Links for Climbing, Rescue & More

    Designed with rust-resistant zinc-plated finishes, Armbury climbing quick links offer unwavering support in moisture-prone environments. The 10mm Delta-Shaped Quick Link offers an 11mm gate clearance and 25kN breaking strength and is recommended as an attachment point for rope access or speleology. 

    For quick draws, industrial safety, and rescue, we recommend the 8mm and 10mm oval quick link, offering 24kN and 40kN breaking strength, respectively. Paired with our large selection of other climbing hardware and accessories, you’ll have all you need for a safe climb every time.


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    As a UIAA and CE Certified brand, Armbury takes pride in offering today’s very best climbing gear at the absolute best prices available. Why? Because we believe everyone, regardless of age, socioeconomic status, or physical ability, should have access to affordable and quality climbing equipment without compromise. You can learn more about our products and their certifications through these Declarations of Conformity and Product Downloads.


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    To make your shopping experience simple, Armbury will gladly accept any unused products within 30 days of purchase (returned in their original packaging). If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us by email (support@armbury.com) or by phone (1-704-707-3037)!


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