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    When cost-conscious climbers want today’s best quality climbing hardware without sacrificing affordability, they turn to ARMBURY. In addition to our wide array of industry-best climbing ropes, we also carry an extensive collection of carabiners, including locking carabinerssteel carabinersquick draws, and several types of non-locking carabiners you see here.


    What is a Non-Locking Carabiner?

    Simply put, a non-locking carabiner is a lightweight and versatile carabiner designed with an open gate rather than a screw gate or auto-locking gate. Because non-locking carabiners do not offer a locking mechanism, they are best used for quickly attaching extra equipment to harnesses and never for situations where an open gate could cause bodily injury.

    As a UIAA and CE Certified brand, ARMBURY non-locking carabiners are certified safe to use and come in various styles to best fit your needs. Shop wire, straight, and bent non-locking carabiners to find the suitable options for your needs.

    To learn more about our product certifications, please review these Declarations of Conformity, or check out these Product Downloads for more specific product information.


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    When it comes to quality climbing gear at the very best prices, no one does it quite like ARMBURY. Here, we’re a team of climbing enthusiasts who believe everyone who wishes to climb should be able to, regardless of age, physical ability, or status. That’s why we take pride in offering today’s very best climbing gear at prices top brands just can’t match, and all so you can climb without compromise.

    Not sure which non-locking carabiner or other essential climbing gear is right for you? Contact our knowledgeable customer service team today for personalized recommendations! You can reach us by email ( or by phone (1-704-707-3037)! Need to make a return or exchange? We gladly accept returns for unused, unopened products within 30 days!

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    Non-Locking Carabiner FAQs

    What do you use non-locking carabiners for?

    Non-locking carabiners offer a fast and efficient way to quickly attach or remove items from your climbing harness. Non-locking carabiners best reserved for carrying gear, quickly attaching gear to a harness or any other instance where an open gate will not result in bodily injury.


    How many non-locking carabiners do I need?

    The amount of non-locking carabiners you need all depends on the type of climbing you do, the length of your climb, and how often you use non-locking carabiners while you climb. 

    For instance, sport and trad climbers will need more non-locking carabiners for carrying gear, building draws, and attaching to protection. They could benefit from having ten or more non-locking carabiners, depending on how long the climb is. Boulderers may not use any carabiners at all during a climb.