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Climb with peace of mind knowing you have quality-tested rock climbing hardware and arborist rigging equipment to keep you safe and secure no matter the height.

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    Climbing rigging equipment is just as essential for an amateur rock climber as it is for an expert arborist. Whether climbing mountains or trees, you need climbing gear hardware to ensure you can safely ascend and descend as needed. At Armbury, we offer a large selection of climbing rigging equipment to suit your needs.


    Types of Climbing Rigging Equipment

    Many types of rock climbing hardware and arborist rigging equipment are available to safely climb trees, boulders, mountains, or the like. Whether you are an experienced climber or a novice tree-care worker, the right climbing hardware can help you stay safe while pursuing your passion.


    Belay Devices

    climbing belay is an anchor system used to protect a climber in the event of a fall. The belay device is attached to the climber's harness, and a rope is threaded through the device. It is an essential piece of rock climbing hardware because a belay device will arrest a fall and prevent a climber from plummeting to the ground.



    Climbers wear ascenders around the waist and clipped to a harness. Ascenders typically consist of two metal arms that are connected by a cam. The arms are opened by depressing a knob on the cam, which allows the device to be slid up a rope. Once the ascender reaches the desired spot, the knob is released, and the arms close around the rope, preventing it from sliding back down.


    Swivel Rigging Device

    Swivel devices allow climbing rope to move freely through the device, while the locking mechanism keeps the rope from moving too much and becoming twisted. This piece of climbing gear hardware is attached to the climber's harness and helps prevent rope twists while climbing. 


    Pulley Devices

    Pulleys are a piece of arborist rigging equipment designed to help climbers distribute their weight more evenly, making it easier to pull themselves up. In addition, pulleys can help provide more friction, ensuring a better grip on the climbing surface. 


    Rigging Plates

    Rigging plates are specialized rock climbing hardware used in climbing and caving, designed to be attached to a rope, using either carabiners or quick links to create an anchor point.


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