Dynamic Climbing Ropes

Climb with peace of mind knowing your dynamic climbing rope is designed to stretch and absorb the force and energy of a fall and help reduce your risk of injury. 


    Dynamic rock climbing rope is an essential piece of gear for any climber. This type of climbing rope is specifically designed to stretch and absorb the force of a fall. Dynamic rope is also typically thinner and lighter than static rope, making it easier to carry and handle. When choosing a dynamic climbing rope, it is important to consider the rope's diameter and length.


    Choosing the Right Dynamic Climbing Rope for You

    Dynamic rope is the preferred choice for most climbers, especially those who are just starting out. This type of rope comes in multiple sizes and lengths and is ideal for rock climbing, lead climbing, and mountaineering and can also be used for tree climbing.



    A rope’s diameter affects the rope’s strength and weight. Choosing the right size rope for the type of climbing you’ll do is essential. At Armbury, we offer dynamic rock climbing rope in various diameters to suit your excursion, including:

    • 8.3mm Dynamic Rope–ideal for alpine climbing and multi-pitch climbs
    • 9.4mm Dynamic Rope–ideal for cragging and top-roping
    • 9.8 and 10.2mm Dynamic Rope–ideal for top-roping and indoor climbing
    • 10.5 and 11mm Dynamic Rope–ideal for indoor climbing or climbing in extreme outdoor conditions


    A 60m dynamic rock climbing rope is the standard and will typically meet your needs, regardless of the adventure. However, there may be times you need a shorter or longer rope, which is why all of our dynamic rope comes in multiple lengths depending on the diameter you choose, including:

    • 50m
    • 60m
    • 70m
    • 200m 

    If you’re unsure of the best length for your climbing excursion, we recommend starting with a 60m rope.


    Get Your Dynamic Rope and More from Armbury

    While dynamic climbing rope is an essential piece of gear for any climber, it’s not the only thing you need for a safe and successful climb. Climbing hardware and carabiners help keep you secure while scaling a rock or mountain, while accessory cords aid in anchor building and prusiking. There is even a time and a place for static rope. So whether you’re looking for a single dynamic rock climbing rope or more gear essentials, you can find what you need at Armbury.


    Dynamic Rope FAQ

    What is dynamic rope used for?

    Dynamic rope is used in climbing to help absorb impact if a climber falls. Dynamic climbing rope is known as the “stretchy” climbing rope, compared to static rope, which offers little to no stretch.


    How do I know if my rope is dynamic?

    The simplest way to tell if your rope is a dynamic rope is to pull the rope and see if it is stretchy. Since static rope offers little to no stretch, it should be simple to identify your dynamic climbing rope. If you’re unsure of whether your rope is dynamic or static, we recommend pausing any activity until you can confirm the ropes you have are the right ropes for the climb.


    Can I rappel with dynamic rope?

    Yes, rappelling with a dynamic rock climbing rope is generally acceptable. In situations where controlled descents are needed, we recommend a static rope.


    How much weight can dynamic rope hold?

    The amount of weight a dynamic climbing rope can hold depends on the rope diameter, rope length, and the type of knots being used. Naturally, thicker rope diameter and longer rope length typically hold more weight. All knots weaken rope strength by some amount.

    When purchasing your dynamic climbing rope, look for the kN (kiloNewtons) number. This number is the maximum amount of weight each specific rope can hold. Here is a list of ARMBUY dynamic ropes and their kN impact force weight translated to pounds.