Belaying Devices for Climbers & Arborists

Ensure your safety during work and play with a lightweight, compact climber’s belaying device. Find the best belay device with a simple yet effective locking mechanism that ensures your safety while climbing.

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    A climber’s belaying device is an essential piece of safety equipment for climbers and arborists. It’s one thing to use ascenders to make it up a huge mountain or tall tree. Getting down requires additional gear, like a rappelling device, to help ensure you make it to the ground safely. These devices attach a rope to an anchor point, dissipate the force of a fall, and provide friction to help with rappelling. When connected to a climbing rope, a rappel device acts as a “brake” to stop the rope from moving. Climbing belaying devices are essential safety gear for all climbers, regardless of your experience or the terrain.


    Types of Climbing Belaying Devices

    You have options for choosing the best belay device for your climbing needs. The most crucial factor in determining the right climbing hardware is to match the device to the type of climbing you’re doing.


    Tubular Belay Device

    A tubular belay device is a rappelling device used in rock climbing, mountaineering, and tree climbing to secure a climbing rope. The device is clipped onto the climber's harness with a carabiner and threaded through the rope. You hold the “body” of the device in one hand and apply the “brake” with your other hand to belay. This creates friction on the rope, which helps slow or stop a fall. A tubular repel device is essential for climbers of all levels and can be a lifesaver in case of a fall.


    Figure 8 Belay Device

    The figure 8 belay device is a great tool for climbers and arborists. The figure 8 climber’s belaying device has two loops that are connected in the middle. You put one loop around your waist, and the other loops go through the carabiner. The figure 8 belay is one of the best climbing belaying devices because it gives you more control over the rope. To use it as a rappelling device, put on the device upside down. Then clip the carabiner into your harness and put the other end of the rope through loops on the device.


    Select the Best Belay Device from Armbury

    At Armbury, you can find the rappel device you need to get to the ground safely. Plus, you can find other essential climbing gear, including swivelspulleysrigging plates, and more.