Slings & Lanyards For Climbing & Arborists

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    Climbing Slings and Arborist Lanyards

    Whether you climb mountains for exercise or trees for work, it’s essential to have the right gear, from ropes and ascenders to pulleys and carabiners. Two small but mighty pieces of equipment for any climber are climbing slings and lanyards. A rock or tree climbing lanyard can be wrapped around rock sections for extra safety or hitched to other pieces of equipment for easy transport.


    The Top Reasons to Carry Rock Climbing Slings

    Not all types of climbing require climbing slings; however, it’s worth carrying a climbing lanyard for extra safety. A climbing sling is a piece of equipment used by climbers to help secure themselves to a fixed anchor point, such as a rock or tree. A static climbing gear sling is designed to be used with an anchor that will not move, while dynamic slings are meant for use with anchors that may shift, such as when climbing on ice.

    Rock climbing slings come in various lengths and can be tied in multiple ways to create loops of different sizes. When using a climbing gear sling is vital to make sure the knot is tied securely before putting any weight on it.


    When to Use a Tree Climbing Lanyard

    An arborist lanyard is a device used by tree climbers to help them ascend and descend trees safely. The climber attaches the carabiner to their harness and then loops the rope around the tree, passing it through the loop to create a secure connection. The tree climbing lanyard is then used to pull oneself up or lower oneself down the tree. An arborist lanyard is an essential piece of safety equipment for any climber and can help prevent serious injuries.


    Choosing the Best Sling and Lanyard for Climbing

    Both rock climbing slings and lanyards are available in a variety of materials, including nylon, polyester, and Dyneema. Polyamide slings are among the most popular choices due to their low cost and high strength. Dyneema slings, like the daisy chain, are lightweight and strong, making them ideal for working and adventuring. At Armbury, you can find a lanyard for climbing in the size you need and color you want. Shop our selection of climbing gear slings today!