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    When new and experienced climbers want today’s most trusted climbing hardware at the very best prices, they turn to ARMBURY. We source directly from the same manufacturer as other top climbing brands to bring you the same quality climbing gear you trust at prices second-to-none. 

    ARMBURY is a UIAA and CE Certified brand dedicated to bringing climbers of all backgrounds and experience levels nothing but the best climbing gear for every adventure. In addition to carabinersquick links, and climbing ropes like static ropesdynamic ropes, and accessory cords, we are also proud to offer climbing swivels designed with long-lasting durability even under heavy loads.


    What is a Climbing Swivel?

    A climbing swivel (also known as a climbing rope swivel or arborist swivel) is a piece of hardware used to prevent the climbing line from twisting while climbing and rigging.

    The ARMBURY SWIVEL is a large rigging device designed with sealed ball bearings to prevent ropes from twisting and tangling under heavy loads. You can trust this climbing rope swivel to handle a breaking strength up to 5kN.

    To learn more about our climbing and arborist swivels or our other quality climbing products, please see our Declarations of Conformity and Product Downloads for more specific product information.


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    No matter what type of climbing you do, trust that ARMBURY climbing swivels, hardware, and accessories have your back (and your wallet) covered. Not sure which products you need? Drop us a line( or give us a call (1-704-707-3037)! 

    Need to make a return? We will gladly accept any unused products within 30 days of purchase. 

    Shop ARMBURY today to stock up on your new go-to climbing swivels and tools for a safe & successful climb every time.