Static Climbing & Arborist Ropes

The most popular semi-static rope with excellent cost performance. The rope can be widely used for sports and vertical works.

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    Static rock climbing rope is an essential piece of gear for rock climbing, mountaineering, and tree climbing. Unlike dynamic rope, which is designed to absorb the impact of a fall, static rope is securely anchored at the top of a climb. Because static rope won’t stretch or deform under load, it is an ideal choice for belaying or rappelling. Rescue teams often use a static rappelling rope, as it can be tied off quickly and easily to provide a secure anchor point. Whether you're a professional tree climber, experienced mountaineer, or beginner rock climber, having a static climbing rope in your gear arsenal is essential.


    Choosing the Right Static Climbing Rope for You

    While static climbing rope is strong and versatile, it can be more difficult to handle than dynamic rope, and it is not recommended for lead climbing. When choosing a static rappelling rope, it is important to select one that is rated for your intended use. For example, a rope that is rated for use in an anchor system will have different specifications than a rope designed for rappelling. Static ropes are available in a variety of lengths and diameters so that you can select the right size for your needs.

    A rope’s diameter affects the rope’s strength and weight. Choosing the right size rope for the type of climbing you’ll do is essential. At Armbury, we offer static rock climbing rope in various diameters to suit your excursion, including 10.5mm static rope and 11mm static rope. 


    Get Your Static Rappelling Rope and More from Armbury

    While static rappelling rope is an essential piece of gear for any climber, other accessories are needed for a safe and enjoyable climb. Climbing hardware and carabiners help keep you secure while scaling a rock or mountain, while accessory cords aid in anchor building and prusiking. And while static rope is good for anchoring, you’ll need other types of climbing rope, depending on your desired activity. Lucky for you, you can find all of your arborist gear and climbing accessories at Armbury.


    Static Rope FAQs

    What is static rope used for?

    Static climbing rope is the best rope option for us as haul lines, caving, and rescue rope, rappelling rope, and arborist rope. Static rope has little to no give and is not recommended for climbs where a forgiving rope is needed. For rope with more give for your climbing needs, please check out our selection of dynamic ropes.


    Is static rope good for climbing?

    Since static climbing rope has little to no give or “bounce,” it cannot absorb the impact of a climber’s fall. This could lead to serious injury. For this reason, static climbing rope is not recommended for climbing. However, a static rope is an excellent rope for rappelling and hauling gear or for climbing instances where a controlled ascent and descent is necessary, like rescue work or tree work.


    How can you tell if a rope is static?

    Static ropes are those with no stretch or “bounce” while rappelling. To tell if your rope is a static climbing rope, pull the rope at either end in opposite directions to see if there is any elongation. If not, you have a static rope. If you’re unsure of whether your rope is static or dynamic, we recommend pausing any activity until you can confirm the ropes you have are the right ropes for the climb.


    Can you use static rope for rappelling?

    Yes, static rock climbing rope is the preferred rope for rappelling. Static rappelling ropes allow for a steady descent with no “bounce” as you’re rappelling. Static climbing rope is also a preferred choice for hauling gear and rescue missions.