Arborist & Climbing Rope

Armbury heavy-duty climbing ropes, designed to withstand any harsh elements of indoor rock climbing. Made out of durable twisted core woven throughout, buy rope by length, weight, tensile strength, and diameter.


    Climbing rope is an indispensable piece of equipment for anyone who enjoys scaling walls, cliffs, or trees. The best climbing rope is made of high-strength fibers to support a tremendous amount of weight. Ropes can also be highly elastic, which helps absorb the shock of a fall. In addition, rope for climbing is treated with a water-repellent coating to protect against moisture and dirt. Whether you're a beginner tree trimmer or an experienced rock climber, a climbing rope can help you reach new heights.


    Rock Climbing Rope for Indoor and Outdoor Adventures

    There are two types of rock climbing rope: static ropes and dynamic ropes. Static ropes are used for ascending or rappelling, while dynamic ropes absorb the shock of a fall. Indoor gym climbing rope is typically made of nylon, while outdoor ropes are usually polyester or Kevlar. Accessory cords are also an essential rope used when climbing. 

    Rock climbing rope is rated according to its breaking strength. When choosing a rope, it’s important to select one appropriate for the type of climbing you’re doing. For example, a sport climb rope should have a different breaking strength than a traditional rope for climbing. With so many types and sizes of rock climbing rope available, it’s easy to find one for your next adventure at Armbury. 


    Tree Climbing Rope for Arborists

    If you’re an arborist, having the right arborist rope is essential for your safety. When choosing an arborist rope, it’s necessary to consider strength, weight, and flexibility. In addition, you need to make sure the rope is compatible with your climbing gear. Tree climbing rope comes in a variety of lengths and diameters–a popular option is a 150 ft arborist rigging rope, suitable for most tree-care jobs. Browse our selection of rope for arborist jobs to find the best climbing rope for your next tree-climbing task.


    Choosing the Best Climbing Rope for Your Activity

    The size of rope for climbing you choose depends on the activity and climbing hardware you use. Your climbing rope must fit your climbing accessories for ultimate safety and ease of use. Whether you’re looking for a gym climbing rope or a 150 ft arborist rigging rope, you can find what you need at Armbury. Shop our selection of climbing rope, carabinersslings, and more today!