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Choose from our climbing chalk ball, or opt-in for the ARMBURY climbing chalk pack for built-in long-term storage! Whether you choose the climbing chalk ball or resealable pack, rest assured your climbing chalk product is crafted to give you the best results when reducing moisture and improving friction on the hands.

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    At ARMBURY, we’re on a mission to bring new and experienced climbers trusted UIAA & CE Certified climbing gear that never compromises safety for affordability. Whether you are just starting out or you’ve spent years ascending your favorite local and national spots, ARMBURY has the best selection of safe climbing supplies to keep moving upward and onward in confidence.

    In addition to our quality ropesrope bagsrope brushescarabinerschalk bags, and accessories, we also offer the magnesium carbonate rock climbing chalk designed to deliver maximum friction for a safe and successful climb. 


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    At ARMBURY, we believe climbing should be accessible to all–regardless of age, physical ability, or socioeconomic status. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to bring you the quality climbing chalk and climbing supplies designed with unwavering quality and always at direct-to-manufacturer pricing competitors can’t touch–all so you can climb without compromise.

    To learn more about our product certifications, please review these Declarations of Conformity, or check out our other helpful Product Downloads for more specific product information.


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    Returns and exchanges are made simple here! If you need to make a return or exchange, ARMBURY will gladly accept any unused products within 30 days of purchase (returned in their original packaging). If you have additional questions, feel free to send us a message ( or give us a call (1-704-707-3037)!

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    Chalk FAQs

    What kind of chalk is best for climbing?

    When it comes to the best climbing chalk, simple magnesium carbonate works the best. This type of rock climbing chalk is available in climbing chalk balls and loose powder. Many climbers will agree that chalk balls are the best gym and rock climbing chalk, as they cause less dust and require less clean-up than loose chalk.


    Is there a difference between gym chalk and climbing chalk?

    No, gym and rock climbing chalk are the exact same.


    What is the purpose of chalk in climbing?

    Climbing chalk is a trusted climbing accessory used to dry sweat from a climber’s palm. Since sweaty hands can make it hard to grip and cause safety issues during a climb, using chalk for climbing is highly recommended.


    How long does climbing chalk last?

    While climbing chalk does not expire, it can go “bad” if it gets wet or is exposed to moisture. For this reason, it helps to protect your chalk during climbs with waterproof chalk bags and store it away in an airtight container when not in use.


    Is climbing chalk worth it?

    Yes! Climbing chalk is one of the best investments a climber can make. Climbing chalk makes climbing easier, helping to dry up any sweat from the hands.