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    Whether you’re a weekend warrior climbing your favorite spots or a full-time tree or rescue worker who spends their day ascending and descending great heights, you deserve to work and play in confidence knowing you’ve got the very best climbing hardware to keep you safe.

    As a UIAA and CE Certified brand, ARMBURY makes it easy to shop today’s most trusted carabiners, and ropes designed for optimal safety at direct-from-manufacturer pricing top brands can’t touch. In addition to non-locking carabiners, we are proud to offer various locking carabiners and quick links made from steel for optimal climber safety and security.


    What is a Steel Carabiner?

    A steel carabiner is a multi-functional piece of climbing hardware used in a variety of settings, from climbing, industrial rigging, rope rescue, tree work, and more. These small yet strong steel carabiners are the trusted point of attachment to connect a harness and rope.

    ARMBURY steel locking carabiners offer extra security with single and triple lock gate designs thoughtfully crafted with a catch-free nose for smooth clipping and unclipping. All of our strong steel carabiners are also designed with a zinc-plated finish to safeguard against rust in moist environments. Choose from several styles, like steel oval carabiners, D-shaped steel carabiners, and quick link steel locking carabiners.

    You can learn more about our steel carabiners and other climbing gear through these Declarations of Conformity and Product Downloads.


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    When it comes to quality and affordability, no other brand comes close to ARMBURY. Here, we are a tribe of climbing enthusiasts who believe anyone who wants to should be able to fulfill their dream of climbing, regardless of age, status, or physical ability. Whether you’re just starting out or a well-seasoned climber looking for today’s best climbing hardware at reasonable prices, ARMBURY is the one-stop-shop for your new go-to gear.

    Not sure what steel lock carabiners, quick links, or other climbing accessories are right for you? We can help! Contact our knowledgeable team today for personalized recommendations! You can reach us by chat ( or by phone (1-704-707-3037). Need to make a return or exchange? No sweat! We will gladly accept unused products within 30 

    days of purchase (returned in their original packaging).

    Shop ARMBURY steel carabiner climbing products today to stock up on the best climbing gear at the very best prices.


    Steel Carabiner FAQs

    Are steel carabiners stronger?

    Compared to aluminum carabiners, steel carabiners are more durable and can offer higher kilonewton ratings than aluminum carabiners. For instance, our D-Shaped Steel Carabiner Screw Lock is a steel locking carabiner that supports up to 45 kN, almost double that of aluminum carabiners.

    While strong steel carabiners can be made to support more pound-force, they are also heavier than aluminum carabiners, which can be a drawback for some climbers. Many aluminum and steel carabiner kilonewton ratings are the same, and either choice can support most climbers.


    How much weight can a steel carabiner hold?

    Steel carabiners can hold different weights depending on their shape. For instance, our Triple Lock Gate Steel Oval Carabiner offers a major axis strength of 25kN, or 5,620 pounds of force. Meanwhile, the D-Shaped Steel Carabiner Screw Lock is a steel locking carabiner that supports up to 45 kN, or 10,116.4 pounds of force. The Quick Link Steel Oval Carabiner offers 40kN of breaking strength, equal to 8,992 pounds of force.