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Armbury rig plates are built from a robust aluminum offering unwavering support in complex rigging conditions. Armbury has you covered for the best rigging and anchor plates you can get your hands on.

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    Whether you’re a new or experienced climber, a professional arborist, or the member of a rescue crew looking for the best prices on trusted climbing hardware, Armbury has you covered. 

    As a UIAA and CE Certified brand, we make it simple to shop tried and trusted carabinersascendersquick linkspulleys, rigging plates, and other climbing essentials designed for optimal performance and nothing less. Why? Because we believe safety and quality should be affordable to all.


    What are Rigging Plates?

    Rigging plates are a necessary climbing hardware product used to attach multiple connections to one anchor. Rigging plates are especially useful for raising and lowering climbers and rescue team members in emergency situations. Despite their lightweight build, these climbing anchor plates are extremely robust for a variety of climbing needs and situations.


    Armbury Rig Plates for Climbing, Rescue & More

    Armbury rig plates are built from a robust aluminum offering unwavering support in complex rigging conditions. The VISO M Anchor Plate allows for direct attachment with ropes and slings, and provides a breaking strength of 40kN. Meanwhile, the VISO S Anchor Plate is a small and light-weighten aluminum plate best suited for extending anchor holes, with simple and direct attachment to ropes and slings. This rig plate offers a breaking strength of 35kN. 

    You can learn more about our products and their certifications through these Declarations of Conformity and Product Downloads.


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    Rigging FAQ

    What is a rigging plate?

    A rigging plate is a device used in rock climbing, caving, tree climbing, and rescue missions to secure multiple connections to an anchor point. A rig plate consists of a metal plate with numerous holes through which the rope is passed. The plate is then attached to the anchor point using bolts, carabiners, or other means. Rigging plates are typically made from aluminum or stainless steel for strength and durability. While they are not required for every climbing or caving expedition, they can be a valuable tool when used correctly. 


    When would you use a rigging plate?

    You would use a climbing anchor plate when you need to climb up or down with multiple connections to one anchor. A rig plate provides different spots for locking carabiners, which means you can easily lock your climbing rope without worrying about friction from too much entanglement on one end where there are many collection points. Because of this, a rigging plate is most commonly used in rescue situations.